Spain vs Scotland

Scotland lost 2-0 to Spain in a Euro 2024 qualifier, but qualification hopes remain intact.

The Scots had won their first five Group A qualifiers, including a 2–0 win over the Spanish at Hampden Park in March, and needed to take something from the return game in Seville to qualify on the night or Norway fail to beat Cyprus. Stayed.

But Scotland had to wait as Spain controversially won 2–0. Norway beat Cyprus 4-0 thanks to two goals from Erling Haaland.

It means Scotland top the group with 15 points from six matches and suffered their first defeat of the campaign, while Spain have 12 from five and Norway have 10 points from six.

The focus now turns to Sunday: Scotland will qualify for Euro 2024 if Norway do not win at home against Spain in Oslo.

2 minutes: Chance! Torres stretchered off for two minutes (ESP 0-0 SCO) 32 min: Post it! Scotland held on thanks to Marino's shot out (ESP 0-0 SCO)

43 min: Injury - Robertson with a broken shoulder (ESP 0-0 SCO). 63 min: No goal! McTominay is sent off for a foul on the Stunner goalkeeper (ESP 0-0 SCO).

74 min: Goal! Morata forward (ESP 1-0 SCO) 86 min: Goal! Spain doubled their lead at Porteous Slides (ESP 2-0 SCO).

Norway beats Cyprus 4-0, leaving Scotland to wait for Euro 2024 qualification Spain vs Scotland:  2-0

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