President Biden is preparing to visit Israel in a bid to avert a wider war and humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Trump's opponents attacked him for criticizing Israel and Judge Tanya Chutkan criticized him. Republican election dinner close to naming Jim Jordan as speaker.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries also joined in to discuss Democrats' plan to end the chaos in Congress.

And Crooked's own political expert Shaniqua McClendon comes by to talk about the most important races in 2023.

Jim Jordan could be on the verge of becoming the next speaker of the House. It could happen as soon as Tuesday, but that’s only if he can get at least 217 votes.

plan to stop Jim Jordan House Republicans complain that Jim Jordan and his allies are 'looking to beat people into submission' as he struggles to muster the votes needed.

Jordan faces a challenge in the floor vote on Tuesday Jordan wins over some GOP skeptics ahead of speaker's vote

The powers of the acting House Speaker are not checked. Liberal Democrats pushing for temporary speaker fix