Tulsi Vivah 2023: Tulsi Vivah is performed a day after Devuthani Ekadashi, it is believed that poverty never resides in the house where Tulsi ji is worshiped daily.

It is believed that the seeker who gets the marriage of Tulsi Mata and Shaligram Ji, the form of Lord Vishnu, on the special occasion of Devuthani Ekadashi, always remains happy and prosperous in his family.

Dwadashi tithi of Kartik month is starting from 09:01 pm on 23rd November. Also, it will end on November 24 at 07:06 pm.

In such a situation, Tulsi and Shaligram. It would be auspicious to get married on 24th November. In such a situation, on this day Pradosh Kaal is going to last from 05:25 pm to 06:04 pm.

First of all, on the day of Tulsi Lagna, wake up early in the morning and take a bath, etc. 

The right way to do Tulsi Puja

After this, purify the place of worship by sprinkling Ganga water. After this, spread two wooden posts and a red-colored seat on them.

Fill a Kalash with Ganga water and add 5 mango leaves to it, then keep it at the place of worship. Place a Tulsi plant on one pedestal and install Shaligram ji on the other pedestal.

Now apply ocher on the Tulsi pot and light a ghee lamp in front of the Tulsi. After this, sprinkle Ganga water on Tulsi and Shaligram and apply Roli or sandalwood tilak on them.

Now make a pavilion in the Tulsi pot itself with the help of sugarcane After this, decorate Tulsi Mata and make her wear red chunari.

Now take Shaligram ji along with the post in your hand and circumambulate Tulsi ji 7 times. At the end, perform Aarti and pray to Tulsi Mata for the happiness and prosperity of the family.